Frequently Asked Questions


01. What if I have a problem registering online?

If an issue does arise please email: for instructions to resolve your issue, or to be registered manually.

02. Will I be sold anything?

The event is free of charge. Additional content and resources, such as training workshops, mentoring, one-on-one coaching services, and advanced events, are made available for purchase to those who attend the event. However, purchase of additional content is not required.

03. How do I register for an event?

Please visit our Registration page here or call (800) 705-5269  instructions to resolve your issue, or to be registered manually.

04. How long is the event?

The event usually lasts between 2 – 3 hours, depending on audience questions and doors will open 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.

05. May I bring a guest?

Yes. Your admission includes registration for up to four guests. Once you have registered you will be given the option to register a guest, where you will then provide the full name and email address for each guest. You may also register a guest once you have received your confirmation email. Your guest will NOT receive a confirmation email. You can forward them your confirmation email with the event details and eTicket. If you received tickets via mail, please bring them with you.

06. Why is pricing discounted so steeply at your live events?

We offer significant discounts at our live event because it costs much less to train one-to-many than one-on-one. For that reason, nearly 100% of our sales are made at live events and we would encourage you to attend one of our live events before purchasing any of our courses. If you would like to order at single retail rates, however, please feel free to do so by calling our Customer Service retail sales number: (800) 816-2230

07. What is the attire?

Casual dress or business attire is encouraged.

08. May I reschedule my event?

Yes. If there is another date or venue in your local area that better suits your schedule, go ahead and attend that session/venue instead. No need to re-register.

09. How can I get my free gift?

All attendees will receive a token of our appreciation for attending the event. *You must be in attendance to receive the free gift.

10. Will there be any refreshments?

Yes. Light snacks will be provided and they typically include nuts, granola bars, and/or candies.

11. May I bring my children?

We encourage all attendees to make arrangements for their children. This allows you as well as other attendees to be free from distraction so you are able to get the most out of the session.

12. Is parking free?

Parking is determined by the hotel venue.

13. How did Grant learn the insider real estate strategies that his course teaches?

Grant learned the real estate strategies his course teaches from 35 years of trial and error. He’s shopped 100,000s of properties and analyzed thousands of financial statements from 20 states in the USA and eight countries. After three years of leg work, shopping deals, talking to brokers, underwriting deals and learning about financing, he’s sold almost $2 billion worth of real estate and currently own $1.2 billion in assets.

14. Why did Grant create the 10X Success System?

Grant created the 10X Success System because he was tired of seeing himself and those around him live in financial fear with little strategy on how to get ahead. After years of research and practice, Grant was able to 10X his own businesses. Afterwards, he felt compelled to codify and lay out the exact strategies that worked for him in hopes that others might also benefit. Over the last decade, his methods have helped thousands of companies and millions of individuals 10X their finances and businesses and gain financial freedom.

15. What can I expect to learn at the preview event?

The event covers various entrepreneurial and real estate strategies that are working in your area today.

16. How long has Grant been investing in real estate?

Grant has been investing for 35 years and has bought and sold $2 billion worth of real estate.

17. How can I be added to your "Do Not Contact" list?

Please call our Customer Service department at (800) 816-2230 for assistance.

18. If Grant had to start over today, what would be his first move?

“My first move, if I had to start over, would be to find the best piece of real estate in the market I was in, and put it under contract.” – Grant Cardone