How to Make the Most out of Your Time

How often have you heard someone use “being too busy” or “not having enough time” as an excuse? Phrases like those might be common, but it doesn’t mean they’re valid. When it comes down to it, everyone in the world has the same 24 hours in a day. So how can you make the most out of yours? Follow these four tips from Grant Cardone:

Track how you spend your time

The first step to making the most out of your time in the future is understanding exactly how you spend your time in the present. It might sound meticulous, but spend a few days tracking exactly what you’re doing and when. Whether you’re spending an hour working out or five minutes scrolling through social media, write down absolutely everything. “Logging your time, perhaps in a journal, will help you see all the ways in which you waste it—the little habits and activities that in no way contribute to your success,” shares Grant.

Set specific priorities

Now that you know how you’ve been spending your time, your next step is deciding what daily activities and events are the most important to you. Once you rank what you spend your time on, you’ll be able to make quick, logical decisions about what should take priority each day. Just remember: sometimes it’s just as important to prioritize things like getting enough rest or spending quality time with your family as it is to prioritize time to work toward your future. “Everyone’s priorities are different. Identify your goals and what defines success in your life, then spend your time doing things that will create that success,” Grant says.

Make a schedule

One of the most important steps toward time management is making a strict schedule. Now that you’ve determined your priorities, you should schedule specific time each day to dedicate toward them. Not only will this ensure you’re working toward your goals every day, but it will also make you feel more motivated, too. “Establish a very disciplined schedule to keep yourself focused and productive at all times,” Grant says.

Get support from family and friends

Making a schedule is one thing, but sticking to it is another. However, following a schedule usually requires a little bit more than self-discipline alone – You need a good support system. Communicate your goals and intentions with friends, family, and coworkers. They can hold you accountable and offer additional support as you need it. “My schedule works because everyone in my life — from my wife to the people who work with me—knows what is most important to me and understands how I value time,” shares Grant.

Time management can be tough, but you can make the most out of every day if you follow Grant’s tips. If you’re interested in learning more tips, tricks, and advice from Grant Cardone, register for a 10X Success event here.